warren buffet biography


Warren Edward Buffet needs no introduction. Other than being the richest persons in the world(2008) he is also a father of 3( Susan, Howard and Peter). Born on August 30, 1930 in Omaha, U.S he is famously called the “Oracle Of Omaha”. He is deemed to be the living investing legend, thus justifying his…

Impact of central banks on stock market

Impact of Central Bank on The Stock Markets Of A Country

Definition: CENTRAL BANK? Central bank is the controller, producer and distributor of money in a country. Central bank has the monopoly and authority over any other bank in the country to control the money supply and credit of the country. Central bank regulates other financial institution in the country like…

Defination : Stock

What is a Stock?

    What is a stock?   Stock in easy words, refers to the amount of ownership/share in a company. Ownership in any given thing comes with both its benefits and risks. In case of stocks, while the risk is limited to the money invested, the benefits can be unlimited….

Defination : Intrinsic value

Intrinsic Value

INTRINSIC VALUE Intrinsic value refers to the true worth of a business. Investors following the value investing model are known to evaluate a security based on its intrinsic value. Intrinsic value is very subjective and is difficult to estimate. It takes into account both qualitative and quantitative factors affecting the…

Defination : Margin Of Safety

Margin Of Safety

WHAT IS MARGIN OF SAFETY?    “Prevention is better than cure.” Consider the air bag in your car, the helmet for your bike, or any other measure you take to prevent yourself from any mishap. Same is the case with margin of safety in investing. Margin of Safety refers to the difference between the…


Growth Investing

GROWTH INVESTING   Growth investing refers to an investment strategy where the stock is bought on the basis of its extra ordinary future performance and not on the current market price.  The security may be over priced but growth investing ignores it all together. Growth investing does not take Intrinsic…

Defination : Value Investing

Value Investing

WHAT IS VALUE INVESTING Value investing refers to an investing strategy wherein the investor looks out for appreciation of the share price due to its long-term business value. Value investing is achieved after doing thorough fundamental analysis taking into consideration the principle of ” Margin of safety” and Intrinsic Value…

Defination : Investing. What is investing ?


What is Investing? Investing refers to the use of already existing assets (can be anything: time, money, real estate, etc.) in some other assets (people, shares, financial instruments, real estate etc.) through some facilitated mechanism (stock exchange when investing money to buy shares) with the motive of gaining a profit…


Why America is called “The Land Of opportunities” ?

1. More than 60% of the American citizens invest in the stock market. This percentage is exponentially greater than any country in the world. This shows the confidence among people in their economy. They trust their home grown American companies with their hard earned money. Also, country’s money stays within…